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We are firmly convinced that a company that puts well-being and safety first raises the entire team to a higher level. Find out here how we can achieve this together with you.

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Our services

  • Doro quick safety scan: With this self-developed audit tool, we screen your safety and prevention strategy and make all parameters measurable and comparable. In this way, we map out where safety improvements are necessary or possible.

  • Building a safety culture with tailor-made safety toolboxes, training courses, instructions and procedures: we are specialised in raising the safety awareness of your employees. In this way, you involve them optimally in your prevention policy. We always work from the positive awareness to adjust the behaviour of your employees, via so-called "behaviour modification programs".

  • Support of the internal prevention service at a technical, organisational and human level, including drawing up the global prevention plan and the annual action plan. We reinforce the sustainable character of your company and support you in making your company safer and more profitable through a correct prevention policy. We do this in close cooperation with the management and executive departments.

  • A safe machine park in accordance with the Machinery Directive: We draw up well-founded technical construction dossiers for new machines and assemblies and guide you through the CE marking process. We can carry out risk analyses for you, including the calculation of performance levels or SIL classes, and provide solutions for your machine park.

  • The implementation of vital actions in your ATEX zones and the preparation of your explosion protection document including the risk analyses.

  • HAZOP: Systematic hazard identification of complex process installations according to the standard IEC61882.

  • Fire safety: we draw up your fire prevention file from A to Z. Based on a thorough risk analysis, we propose suitable prevention measures: type of fire detection, extinguishers, safety lighting, etc. We can draw up the evacuation plan for you. We make contact with the local fire brigade to finalise your intervention file.

  • Implementation of care systems such as ISO45001, VCA, ... and guidance during the certification phase.

Doro veiligheidscoordinatie tijdelijke mobiele bouwplaatsen

Safety coordination
temporary or mobile
construction sites

Our safety coordinators A and B take care of the safety of your construction project from A to Z. Count on us for:

  • drawing up the safety and health plan
  • the safety rounds and accurate reporting
  • the preparation of a post-intervention file.

Together with our accredited environmental coordinator, we can support the entire process and include the necessary resources in the environmental permit.

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Our training courses ensure that safety becomes a natural reflex and a commitment of your entire team.

DORO in company

Heb je nood aan een opleidingstraject binnen je organisatie of bedrijf 
en op maat van je team? Vandaag bieden wij volgende In Company opleidingen aan.

DORO Academy

Soon you will be able to come to us for a wide range of open training courses on safety and prevention. We will keep you informed via our news page and social media.